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About us

the number one choice for Independent artists in Miami.

Our Story

The Bull Productions was Founded by Turnitup Drew in 2013. He and his partner Sammy Gonzalez opened The Bull after moving into New Found Glory’s personal studio just next door. Drummer Cyrus Bolooki left us the keys just before relocating to Los Angeles. After five years of crafting the studio’s sound and client base, The Bull moved to its current location in 1942. Its previous tenant, Sonic Reality, designed the studio, which focused on creating sample libraries from Epik Drums to Vintage Keys for IK Multimedia. Since the move in 2018, The Bull has been home to Artists and Engineers ranging from local South Florida favorites to Industry Stars. 


The Bull Productions has served independent artists and the music community for over ten years. Founded in 2013 as a recording studio, our homey vibes have earned us top customer ratings and partnerships with prominent artists and companies like Ozuna, Romeo Santo, Universal, and Viacom. We strive to provide an inspiring atmosphere where creative minds can express their art to its fullest potential—that's why at The Bull Productions, we are dedicated to providing you with quality service that will help you find your sound! Our mission is to empower independent musicians through innovative production techniques to reach global success while also establishing a safe haven of creativity in Miami. Our vision is for everyone who steps into The Bulls Production recording studio to make meaningful connections that foster inspiration and collaboration within the music industry.

a few of Our Clients

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